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Andere über das Filmfest

"Emden ist zwar nicht Cannes, die "Croisette" heißt hier "Am Delft", auf der Preisverleihungsparty gibt es Bier statt Schampus und Matjes statt Scampi. Handfest, ohne roten Teppich und Bussi-Bussi. Hier geht es kompromisslos um zwei Dinge: um die Filme und das Publikum." Die Welt
"Danke Emden-Norderney! Euer Publikum ist der Wahnsinn. Wir freuen uns unglaublich und grüssen alle Verantwortlichen des Festivals und verneigen uns vor Euch! Ihr macht da was ganz Besonderes. DANKE! A big thank you to the audience from Ostfriesland, the filmfest and all the other filmmakers, we have had a marvellous time!" Lena Krumkamp, author, Nathan Nill, director and Mathieu Miville, producer
"Thanks so much for all the warm hospitality. Everyone was so helpful and kind, and there was a fantastic atmosphere. Often festivals can be pretentious, and this festival was the complete opposite. The whole team was so genuine and lovely." Olga Wehrly, actress
"I felt it was really worthwhile as audience members were so attentive and appreciative. It was also wonderful for me to have the opportunity to meet other filmmakers, German, British, Irish, Scottish … in such a relaxed atmosphere.It’s a wonderful festival with a really personal, friendly feeling." Dictynna Hood, director
"Blurred memories of Emden: Thursday night flight to Emden, meal with a few quiet drinks. Friday daytime, victim of local hospitality. Friday night, terrific screening of "Brassed Off" and so, again, victim of local hospitality. Saturday morning, plane to London, then on to Leeds. Saturday night "Brassed Off" reunion dinner, all night drinking with Grimethorpe Band. Sunday morning, crack of dawn flight to London, then return to Emden. Sunday night, audience award, become victim once more of all night Emden hospitality. Monday morning, flight to London, then on to New York. Monday night, NY premiere, followed by all night celebratory drink. Tuesday morning, doctor." Mark Herman, director
"Mit den Filmfestivals ist es ja wie mit Filmen: sie sollten eine persönliche Handschrift tragen. Das tut Euer Festival und das macht es wertvoll." Ulrike Franken und Michael Loeken, Regie & Produktion
"Just the right mix of socializing, seeing films & having filmy conversations, dancing. You have such a warm environment for a festival." Kerry Fox, actress
"What makes the Emden Film Festival special is that it really feels like a festival. Not a cat walk for starlets, not a killing field for journalists, but a real festival, whose object is pleasure and whose motivation is enthusiasm. Unlike to other film festivals you get to see the movies and talk to other film makers. You also get that rarest and sweetest of things, an informed, appreciative audience." Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Author
"I've been lucky enough to have been invited to film festivals around the world, but I can honestly say that none of them match Emden for the feeling of welcome and warm support." Steve Abbott, producer
"Eure Liebe zum Film, Eure Beharrlichkeit, Eure Professionalität haben das Emder Filmfest zu einem Kleinod in der Filmlandschaft gemacht." Elisabeth Wicki-Endriss und Bernhard Wicki