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Competitions, Awards & Juries

The Festival program is centered around competitions for European, and in particular north-western European and German-language feature, documentary and short films. To be eligible for a nomination the film should be produced / co-produced or must have received funding from at least one country of the north-western European territory such as 

United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Switzerland or Germany. 

As the International Filmfest Emden-Norderney sees itself as an audience festival, the film competitions for the Bernhard Wicki Award, the DGB Film Award, the NDR Newcomer Award and the various short film competitions are all decided by audience vote. 

Non German-language competition films are shown in their original language(s) with subtitles. If no German subtitles are available, the Festival may, at its discretion, contribute towards the cost for the subtitling. In exceptional cases the screening of a German dubbed version or a version with English subtitles may be permissible in the context of a competition. 

A total of approximately 20 films are included in the competition section for feature films (minimum length 65 min.). Competition invitations and nominations for individual film awards are carried out by the Festival management. Films may be nominated for a maximum of two out of four audience award competitions. A nomination for the Creative Energy Jury Award is not affected.

The competition films for the East Friesian Short Film Award and the Engelke Short Film Award are grouped together to a film program of adequate length. Invitations are decided on by the management of the short film section. 

Competition films are rated by the audience with the aid of voting cards. The voting cards in the feature film competitions contain information about the nominations. 

All film awards are decided on by the audiences through voting cards and are presented to the director of a film.

Please find more information on our regulations for the competitions as well as the film entry form here ...