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Engelke Short Film Award

This is an award for the best short film from the perspective of a young audience. The nomination of the short films for the Engelke Film Award is conducted by an independent preview and nomination commission called by the section management and made up of school students, apprentices and young adults. 

The Engelke Short Film Award has a purse of € 2,500 provided by the Sparkasse Emden.

Please find all nominees 2017 here ...

Nominated Films:

Am Cu Ce - Mein ganzer Stolz (D 2019) by Hannah Weissenborn Es wird besser (D 2018) by Adi Wojaczek Jupiter (D 2019) by Benjamin Pfohl Kippa (D 2019) by Lukas Nathrath Pinky Promise (D 2018) by Sophie Linnenbaum

Previous Award Winners