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SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award

The annual SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award is a competition for extraordinary feature films and is decided on by audience vote. Our main award goes to the feature film with the highest audience rating in the competition. 

The award itself was named after the great director Bernhard Wicki (1919-2000). With this award the Festival honours his services to German filmmaking as well as to the development of the Emden Film Festival in the years 1990 to 1999. 

The SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award has a purse of € 10,000 provided by the SCORE Tankstellen- und Mineralöl GmbH Emden.

Nominated Films:

303 (D 2018) by Hans Weingartner Away (UK 2017) by David Blair Comme des Garçons | Let The Girls Play (F 2018) by Julien Hallard Dead In A Week: Or Your Money Back (UK 2018) by Tom Edmunds Die Wunderübung (A 2018) by Michael Kreihsl Edie (UK 2017) by Simon Hunter Ein Lied in Gottes Ohr (F 2018) by Fabrice Éboué Le Brio | Die brillante Mademoiselle Neïla (F/B 2017) by Yvan Attal Messi and Maud (NL/D 2017) by Marleen Jonkman Mr. Know It All (F 2018) by François Prévôt-Leygonie, Stéphan Archinard Oblivion Verses (F/D/NL/CHL 2017) by Alireza Khatami Supa Modo (KEN/D 2018) by Likarion Wainaina The Drummer & The Keeper (IRE 2017) by Nick Kelly Utøya 22. Juli (N 2018) by Erik Poppe Verlorene (D 2018) by Felix Hassenfratz Virgins (F/ISR/B 2018) by Keren Ben Rafael

Previous Award Winners