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The sworn virgin and the girl

D 2019 | 52 Min. | UA

Sixty-one years ago, Bedrie was born as a girl in Albania. Today she lives as a man, she is a sworn virgin. The tradition of the sworn virgins originated 600 years ago: if there were no male descendants, one of the girls had to live as a man to maintain the family. Some women chose this path because they wanted to be free. Bedri could not accept the restrictions of a woman`s life. One day she gets a call from the young Adele (26). Adele is searching for her identity, she wants to live self-determined in patriarchal Albania. Adele hopes to find answers and Bedrie is proud to share. Both are heading their way to meet each other.

Director: Kristine Nrecaj, Birthe Templin
Script: Kristine Nrecaj, Birthe Templin
Photographer: Alfred Nrecaj
Editor: Sven Heußner
Music: André Feldhaus
Production company: Filmkantine
Producer: Katrin Springer