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Creative Europe Talk

Monsieur Claude's secret: Is there a recipe for arthouse success?

It came as a complete surprise when the French comedy "Monsieur Claude and his Daughters" turned into an outstanding arthouse success, with cinema audiences of 3.8 million viewers. And set against the backdrop of the huge success of "The Intouchables", European films with cross-generational appeal and a touch of comedy seem to be becoming increasingly interesting for the film market here in Germany. But is there a recipe for the success of this kind of European arthouse hit movie?

Or is it just a passing trend, one that has now moved on from British working class comedies to French comedies - and which will in turn be replaced by some other genre that we cannot yet envisage? How can distributors use clever marketing strategies to impact the success of an arthouse film? And to what extent do producers attempt to cater to the contemporary tastes of film audiences when preparing a film project?

Creative Europe Desk Hamburg invites you to a panel discussion on these questions and the future of the film market in Germany. The event will be hosted by Prof. Claus Friede, and the panelists will be Torsten Frehse, CEO of Neue Visionen film distribution company and Fabian Gasmia, CEO of Detailfilm. After the show there will be an opportunity for the audience to participate in further discussions over drinks.


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